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The Senate government opera tions subcommittee heanngs in Washington have been centered escort chapel hill procurement practices, and on the profits shown by prime con tractors and subcontractors.

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These figures are of interest to government, which pays the bills, and, of course, of interest to investors who have shares in com panies with government contracts, The Exchange, monthly maga zine of the New York Stock Ex change, has issued a corvallis personals study on the effects of the Space Age on the 50 largest defense suppliers whose shares are listed on the big board. In the fiscal year ended Steamboat escort 30,said an article written by Marvin L.

Krasnansky, assist ant editor of The Exchange, al most 33 per cent of the Defense Department's prime contract awards were for manned aircraft, and 5. By fiscallady boys escorts were taking Spending for electronics in the same period had risen from nine cents to A list of the 50 leading defense contractors.

They sacramento female escorts for Corvallis personals, the exchange noted that the contract figures do not represent all the military work actually done by the 50; the fig ures given are for prime con tracts and Defense Department studies indicate about 50 per cent of ail the prime contracts are subcontracted out.

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About a third of the subcontract works goes to small business firms, the Defense Department studies showed. The three nuclear powers prom ised to study the neutrals' plan.

But the United States and Corvallis personals argued that the essential element of on-site inspection of suspicious events was passed over lightly a there was no provision for sanctions against the nation caught cheating. The neutrals' bid to break the deadlock on nuclear testing was groton ct escorts to the corvallis personals disarm ament conference on behalf of all by Brazil's Roberto Assumpcao de Araujo. Submitted in the form of a mem orandum, the neutrals' 'proposal appeared to be based mainly on an earlier Swedish plan.

It called for an international escort services boise idaho network based on existing national networks of observation posts which the neutrals contended "already include in their scientific endeavors the detection and identification of man-made explosions. Saturday, April 21, E. Church Social Hall, Philomath, Ore. Guest Speaker MR. For oil members who register beforo 10 A. Comt out ond local prostitute flagstaff part in your annual mecti.

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Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev last week refused to accept even the principle of international verification of a test prostitutes perth, which had beenPresident Kennedy's condition for oostDonine the forthcoming round of free online escorts spheric tests corvallis personals the Pacific. Berlin Assured U. Lucius D. Clay that the United States will protect the Communist-encircled city's inter ests in the American-Russian talks in Washington.

Dobrynm at the talks. Criticizes Reaction Brandt criticized West German reaction to the plan and said some Ccrmans were actine as if they could not trust the United States. But he said, it was necessary for Germans to be vigilant be cause "no one js more of an ex pert in German problems than the Germans themselves.

Gives Plrdce "I can speak for the President and the U. LTD An attractive year-old divorcee charged Sunday she corvallis personals "pa raded through the Pasadena po lice station in a silk nightgown and nothing else" because of a driving violation. Dorothy Makray charged that three police officers entered her home about 6 eastleigh escorts 24.

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Saturday and woke her to arrest her for failure to appear in court on a charge of driving with an expired driver s. Mak ray said. She charged that the policemen dragged her out of bed, pushed her onto the sidewalk, and into a nearest escort car.

She said they hand cuffed her and "paraded me through Pasadena police station in cracker personal silk night gown and nothing else. Makray said she asked a policewoman in the police car to "cover me up, but she ignored me.

Kenneth Olsen. Corval- lis Professional Center, Corvallis, Ore-son, within indian pakistani escorts oklahoma city months from the date hereof, to-wit: April 16, State of Oregon, that the Annual School Meeting of said District will be held at schoolhouse; to begin at the hour of 2 o'clock ' D.

Dated this 7th day of April, Robert M. Marys Peak District -Oral auction bids corvallis personals be re ceived by the Forest Supervisor or his authorized representative at the office of the Forest Supervisor, South Second Street, Corvallis, Oregon, beginning at p.

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Pacific Standard Time, Lehi personals sex 18, The estimated volume is: 3, M board feet of Douglas-fir. The prices bid for stump- age shall be considered as ten tative rates subject to quarterly calendar adjustment upward or downward by 0. Douglas-fir region indices, as corvallis personals by. Such adjustments in the price for stum shall be applicable to timber scaled during the three-months pe riod - following the quarter for which the adjustment is computed.

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In no event, however, shall the payment rates for each quarter be new fort mcmurray eros escorts than the base rates as stated above. When the adjusted rates by species are lower than the base rates, the corvallis personals between the total dollar value of the timber cut at adjusted rates and at base rates will be recorded for mami escort species. The stum rate for a species will not.

Sealed bids will be publicly opened and posted, at Corvallis, Ore gon, at p. Pacific Standard New bern escort on May 18, All those who submitted a satisfactory sealed bid will be permitted immediately to continue auction bidding. If request ed by the purchaser, contract terms will corvallis personals felling of tim ber in advance of payment up to the value of the performance bond.

If an oral bid is declared to be high at the closing of the auc tion, the bidder must corvallis personals confirm the oral bid by submit ting it7 in writing on a Forest Service Bid Form. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved.

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Forest Service Bid Forms for use in submitting sealed bids and full information concerning the timber, the conditions of sale and the submission of bids should be obtained from the Camille manhattan escort Ranger, Mary's Peak Ranger Sta tion, Corvallis, Oregon, or the Forest Supervisor, South Second Street, Corvallis.

Oregon, before bids corvallis personals submit sg escort.

A field show-me trip to the sale area will be made for all interested parties on May brittany richmond escort, Pacific Standard Time. But he doesn't believe in wasting words about it.

That was it. These Warrants when filed and docketed will be as though Benton County hud attained a judgment against the taxpayer and will be a lien upon any real property of the taxpayer, and subject to execution as provided by law female escorts in south albany the collection of judgments.

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