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Jump to. Posted by Luca on August 30, pm.

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My name is Luca, I'm moving in Personals page and look for some Ultimate. I was a player in Fortmyers escort and I london escorts bubbles I would like to start with the pickup on Thursday evening, but I can't find out where is Trillium West, can you give me some more precise information? Thank you! Posted by Mira on August 24, pm.

I'm looking to a Fall Grass League team. I've played in Div 3 and 4 in the past but haven't played in a few years. Ideally looking for escort women in eugene team in similar age range in my 30's!

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Posted by Zhen on August personals page, pm. Posted by Yo on August 16, pm. My Name Is Yohann and I'm sexy rockford personals experienced male matching players looking for a team to play Sunday afternoons. I already have a team on Sunday mornings and I found that coming all the way down from Poco for a single header is not that great and would like to play more.

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Posted by Natalie on August 12, pm. I'm a pretty new female matching player, looking to see if anyone needs anymore girl subs for Life's a beach, i'd love to ! Posted by Bryan personals page August 8, pm. I am wondering if there is an Ultimate group that I can to learn Ultimate, escorts in rhondda united kingdom down in Downtown Vancouver somewhere?

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My Sister is heavy into Ultimate and started a little spark in me to try it out for mozier il sex personals Posted by Vincent on August 6, pm. My team Absolute Zeroes is looking for a couple of girls to our fall saturday morning ultimate team.

We are preferably looking for girls who are comfortable playing in an intermediate division. Please send me an if escort girl in rhondda are interested vincentman outlook. Thank you in advance :. Posted by Ryan on July 30, am. Our team, the Petri Discs, is calling personals page for any female players who would like be subs for our game!

We all come from different levels of experience but we share one thing in common - we have a passion to get on the field, throw around escorts martinsburg edmonton plastic personals page, and have escort stretham Posted by CB on July 24, am.

Hi VUL Community! We are short this week, with only 4 females right now. We're looking for 2 more female matching players. We're a fun chill team, playing at an intermediate lower level, with a double header game at PM at Jericho W. Please reply back if personals page free, thanks!! Posted by Rockin Joe on July 24, am. I wanted to thank all the helpful and friendly early risers who organised Shades and Hats; three cheers for all the volunteers and everyone who helped out!! Joe Davis.

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You are here Home » Personals. Personals Looking for players, roommates, carpool, etc? Zhen, Winnie, Jacob. I'm usually a handler and don't mind to play any division except div1. Regards Yohann.

Hey Everyone! Hopefully this is the correct place to post this! Thank you in advance, Bryan. Hello everyone, My electra escort ipswich Absolute Zeroes is looking for a couple of girls to our fall saturday morning ultimate team. Regards, Vincent.